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Mögliche Reiseziele in der Region von Nuwara Eliya

Hinweis zur Anwendung der "Wegweiser-Seite": Sollte einer der Unterpunkte nicht anklickbar sein, finden sie die Information unter dem Hauptpunkt. "Worlds End" und Namunukula sind besuchenswerte Berge.

English summary:
Nuwara Eliya region belongs to the Hill County. It's climate is like spring time in Europe, therefore the region was and is preferred by the European as a place to recreate. There are many places to visit like Buddhist temples, Hindu kovil or nature. The Hill County is also "Tea County". Many tea estates and tee factories can be visited and different tea sort be tasted. In German part and this column to the right often links to website in English are provided.--- Pictures are also English speaking...